Let’s go round and round
It’s the circle reality weaves
Let’s clap our hands and sing
It’s us who will decide our destiny
Let’s never give up

*via Daily Prompt: Volume


White snow, Falling snow,
The day has grown cold
If there’s anything to see,
It’s prettier now

The angels have all froze
Blessings start again
But I still don’t see your face

In this wintry scene,
Sometimes I wish I could see the northern lights
But Polaris remains my only guide
As the sun sets on this wonderland

White snow, Falling snow,
The day has grown old
But I believe that snowflakes are
The sky’s tears of joy

*via Daily Prompt: Radiate


When collecting and viewing beautiful things,
I started to see the reflection of what I wanted
This beautiful Utopia I wanted to see,
I didn’t realize it was so far away
It was the place I wanted to go to,
This place that would take away my pain
I wanted to forget your existence
In doing so, I’d live once again

*via Daily Prompt: Adrift
*inspired by ayumi hamasaki’s Naturally


I never thought I’d go crazy over love
I was always rational, spontaneous, yes, but always rational
I had pride, I wouldn’t bend over, wouldn’t apologize first
I never stressed this much, never questioned myself, never hurt so much over some guy
I never loved someone this must
I never thought I’d go crazy over you

*via Daily Prompt: Unmoored


The world today
Is different from the world yesterday
Everything is moving too fast
I want a break,
A pause to catch my breath

The world today
Is not the world I was born into
And yet, I wouldn’t restart my life
Because I wouldn’t be me
If my life were different

All I want
Is just a break,
Just to pause for a second
To catch my breath

*via Daily Prompt: Pause