Though this red thread holds me now,
I still believe in a shining future
This world shouldn’t end; it’s only begun
Again the sun sets, and I see your face

The future will shine for those who believe
Our outlines won’t disappear
This night will soon come to an end

It is in this way that tomorrow will start again…

*via Daily Prompt: Believe


White snow, Falling snow,
The day has grown cold
If there’s anything to see,
It’s prettier now

The angels have all froze
Blessings start again
But I still don’t see your face

In this wintry scene,
Sometimes I wish I could see the northern lights
But Polaris remains my only guide
As the sun sets on this wonderland

White snow, Falling snow,
The day has grown old
But I believe that snowflakes are
The sky’s tears of joy

*via Daily Prompt: Radiate


When collecting and viewing beautiful things,
I started to see the reflection of what I wanted
This beautiful Utopia I wanted to see,
I didn’t realize it was so far away
It was the place I wanted to go to,
This place that would take away my pain
I wanted to forget your existence
In doing so, I’d live once again

*via Daily Prompt: Adrift
*inspired by ayumi hamasaki’s Naturally


I never thought I’d go crazy over love
I was always rational, spontaneous, yes, but always rational
I had pride, I wouldn’t bend over, wouldn’t apologize first
I never stressed this much, never questioned myself, never hurt so much over some guy
I never loved someone this must
I never thought I’d go crazy over you

*via Daily Prompt: Unmoored


The world today
Is different from the world yesterday
Everything is moving too fast
I want a break,
A pause to catch my breath

The world today
Is not the world I was born into
And yet, I wouldn’t restart my life
Because I wouldn’t be me
If my life were different

All I want
Is just a break,
Just to pause for a second
To catch my breath

*via Daily Prompt: Pause