The Dream that Ended

The sky seemed so bloody at sunset today. Now, the sky has darkened so, and moonlight fills the view. The flowers that had bloomed the season before are all dead. Dried and wrinkled, brown and shriveled petals are left in their places. They contrast horribly with the dark green leaves that make up the treetops and lush bushes and shrubs. It’s been hard to ignore, but it’s been getting easier to do so.

There are no stars tonight, but I am still able to make out the storm clouds rolling in. Perhaps I will need an umbrella later on, but I don’t bother with such a trivial thing. I’ve always enjoyed the rain.

A chill blows in then, and I’m wondering if I should head home, but I see no difference in taking a lonely walk and returning home to nobody but an empty house. And so, I continue down the path. I was right when I decided not to bring a lantern. Though there are no streetlights, fireflies light my way. I come upon the meadow soon, the walk not having been so long. My oasis is just right outside of the community, right in the surrounding forest. It’s foolish of me to wander around by myself at this hour, but I don’t really care.

I sit upon the roots of the willow tree, its leafy veil so pale it almost glows in the dark. I see the whole clearing from here and bask in the moonshine. This place seems to be the only place that escapes summer’s blazing heat. The atmosphere feels so alive and vibrant, the stars show themselves, and I do not feel so very alone. My memories of you are still so vivid in this place, and you do not seem so far away. I feel as though you are here with me, as though you’ve never gone, as though we’re not so very far apart.

But I’m unable to keep myself in this illusion, and reality beckons to me once again when the sun begins to peek out beyond the mountains in the distance. I tuck away my tears, and I tell myself that I don’t miss you.

I don’t miss you.

Why can’t I forget you?

Written June 6th, 2011