White snow, Falling snow,
The day has grown cold
If there’s anything to see,
It’s prettier now

The angels have all froze
Blessings start again
But I still don’t see your face

In this wintry scene,
Sometimes I wish I could see the northern lights
But Polaris remains my only guide
As the sun sets on this wonderland

White snow, Falling snow,
The day has grown old
But I believe that snowflakes are
The sky’s tears of joy

*via Daily Prompt: Radiate

Passing Time

Tick-tock, Tick-tock,
A minute can easily feel like an hour

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock,
Hours pass by,
24 hours fly, the day has gone away

Tick-tock, Tick-tock,
Days gone, Month comes,
The year that goes, I’m almost sad to see it go

Tick-tock, Tick-tock,
Grandfather Clock, why do you seem so dark and tall?

Love Renaissance

The weather is cold,
And the ground is frozen
Nothing is stirring
But my heart beats like an earthquake
Your confession shocks me the most

The river is frozen,
But my heart is breaking,
It feels like the ground is shaking

Without the least bit of sincerity,
You’re leaving me again

Heaven’s Hell

See the world from my eyes
See the world through my heart
This love was the source of my pain

See my tears and don’t stare
See my tears, don’t you dare care
This love’s left me lonely

This Heaven took my hopes
This Heaven took my dreams
But I’ll never cry
I still have my pride


I’ll protect my precious treasure
Who has closed her eyes in order to shun the world
I’ll fight to the very end
This country, this empire, this world that has abandoned us both
And I’ll survive until the very end
Because I have a contract to fulfill

*written from the view point of Lelouch from the anime Code Geass

Four Seasons ~Hold Dear~

I want to believe,
No matter how far apart we are,
We’ll be alright

Spring was the season
The flowers stood in full bloom
The dancing blossoms scattering in the air whispered

Summer was the season
The fireflies fluttered about
Those sleepless nights we frolicked in the fields remain in my memory

Autumn was the season
The moon began to disappear
The lukewarm breeze blew the hues of our memories into the distant sky

Winter was the season
My heart cracked open
The cold snowflakes that fell were just like my never-ending tears

These nostalgic feelings will forever stay with me…

*inspired by Kurenai’s Yume to Hazakura and Namie Amuro’s Four Seasons