Crazy ~너 때문에~

While chasing and being chased,
I began to lose sight of my home
I regretted giving you my love
But I soon realized that being sad was the same as giving up
So I started smiling again
Just so I could be proud of something

*inspired by Afterschool’s Because of You and ayumi hamasaki’s Naturally


New Year ~恭喜你~

With a true smile,
  I’ll say goodbye to the past
In these 15 days,
I’ll sing a brand new song
And maybe when the trees turn green again,
I’ll give my blessings to you and that girl
Perhaps then, I’ll come to accept this
Perhaps then, the pain will have dulled

Prisoner in the Aiguillette

All the times you cried,
  I was unable to do anything
I longed to see your smile
But it was a fleeting wish
I kept lying to myself
That you were still the one I loved
I’ve only hurt myself
And now t
hese shackles hold me in place


Winter Sonata

As the white snow falls,
I’m reminded of you more and more
During this holiday,
I really don’t want to be alone 

As the colored lights turn on,
I start to go blind, and I’m lost
The North Star that hangs in the sky,
I lose sight of it

Now I start to miss you again
These feelings are sometimes too strong

*inspired by Korean drama Winter Sonata

After Love

Even if my burning heart
Becomes black and turns to ashes,
Even if I become a criminal,
I’ll still hold on to these memories

I still remember the times we spent together
We went through so many fights
So many tears and so much laughter
I’ve never understood pain
Or how to really be happy

I’m still waiting,
Waiting to get over you
Or perhaps . . . waiting for you
To return to my arms

Last Link

I hear laughter yet I still cry
Do my tears go unseen?
And does my voice go unheard?

And as I look back,
I know now that
I laugh and cry because of you

So now I’ll cut this bond so that
I can live for my own sake



As I watch you,
You seem lonelier
After sunrise, a drifting cloud…
And after sunset, a shooting star…

But as I paint my dreams,
I can’t figure you out
Like the lonely wolf that howls…
Or perhaps like a lone adventurer…

You’re a color that I just don’t know

*inspired by Utada Hikaru’s Colors


White Wishes

It’s that time of the year again
The season where everyone wishes
To be with someone

But as the snow falls,
I make a wish
I don’t ever want to forget

Those days I spent with you
Were my last miracle
And I want to protect them all,
Our precious memories…