Love & Pain 3

If there’s not another way, there’s no other chance
You’re far out of my reach
My one and only love

Only you know how much I love you
And because of this love, because I love you,
I’ll say what I have to in order to protect us both

Stay out of my head, stay out of my heart
Stay out of my life, and stay away from me

Because we both know,
Being together now when we can’t
will only serve to hurt us more

Written in my middle school years (2007-2010)

Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters
One as beautiful as the northern lights
Seven Sisters
One who’s jealousy gets the best of her
Seven sisters
Two that are never getting along
Seven sisters
Two that are content with their lot in life
Seven sisters
And one who’s already gone away

Written sometime in my middle school years (2007-2010)

Haiku Series 1 — Seasons

Spring and Summer come,
Somewhere, the leaves start falling
Winter is ruthless

Here and there, they come
The cherry blossoms float down
Life is so, so short

For a short while,
Fireflies come out to play
Summer’s here again

Summer is now here
Spring has come and gone away
Fall is coming soon