Okay, so hi, you guys. I’ll be posting all of my stories (most unfinished, a couple of short stories, and a few drabbles) on here, so enjoy! Hopefully, if enough people like a story, I’ll continue and actually finish a story. Feel free to leave feedback, peoples! Any kind will help me improve, so don’t hold back on the criticism!

I have, so far, 4 multi-chapter stories that I will be working on (at a slow pace) and 4 short stories. There is also 2 fanfictions I will be posting here on this account. I may post some of my old fanfictions here as well, but I doubt the quality of those fanfictions as I wrote them when I was younger and did not know how to write well. Besides from the fanfictions, all stories and characters are my original work. As for my poems, they’re all original, and they can be all located by clicking the poetry tab on my menu or by clicking here.

The multi-chapter stories are:

  •  Bloodstained Lotus 피 묻은 연꽃
    • Stuck in the imugi mirror world, Jisu struggles to find her powers. It doesn’t help that her teacher is gone for weeks at a time. But as Jisu begins to learn more and more about her teacher, she begins to unravel the dark mysteries behind the imugi world and what happens when a imugi begins to lose control of their powers.
    • “I had never really noticed the depth of her sadness. Imugi eyes were always strange, always changing, but Injung’s eyes . . . they were different. They were beautiful. They only added to the mystery that was her. All I knew was that I wanted to help mend her soul, to give her something to smile about, and to see her eyes change.”
  • Confessions of a Tiny, Little Chinese-American Girl
    • “The family I was born into is not the family my sisters were born into. The world I entered is not the same world my sisters face. No one experiences life the same way as another person. In a world caught between two different cultures, life for me was like balancing on a tightrope. Too much of one side and I’d fall down.”
    • Left by his father in a shrine inhabited by supernatural creatures, Minoru must learn to navigate a world where even walls really do have eyes. He befriends a fox spirit and soon learns that he wasn’t the only one forsaken by the ones he loved.
  • Spider Venom & Phoenix Ashes
    • Choenyi has been a politic chess piece all her life. Married at 8, widowed at 10, and now Grand Dowager Queen at 18, Choenyi decides to take life into her own hands as a revolution destroys the life she’s built in the last 10 years. She’s playing with fire: the new King wants her dead and the new Crown Prince wants her to himself.

The short stories are:

  • A Dozen Dreams
    • There are some people who say their dreams are their wishes for the future. My dreams, however, are downright weird. Why can’t I have normal dreams?
  • Dystopia: My Little Playground
    • “It was many years ago, almost six lustrums ago. I was fifteen, and the world was a much different place. So much more different than it is now. Back then, I was only the fourth wife of the brute who controlled half the continent.He loved me, he said. He couldn’t hurt me, the way I was going to hurt him, and that . . . that was his weakness. That pitiful fool…”
  • Pixxa
    • There’s magic in the world. But there’s no such things as dragons, there’s no such things as wizards, and there’s no such things as fairies. But there are things called pixxa. They’re human, just like me and you. There are only two differences between a human and a pixxa: one, they have a magic item that belongs only to them and, two, they die from loneliness. It’s a slow and painful death, and there’s collateral damage. Let it be known that a pixxa makes a lasting impression on a human it befriends. And that human will never be able to forget that pixxa, no matter how hard they try.
  • Still Falling For You
    • It had been a mutual breakup. Your family had moved out of state while you were in college, and after graduation, you hadn’t wanted to keep her waiting for a boy who may not return. She had been reluctant―she had loved you for so long―but in the end, she agreed. You’re back now, years later, but she’s changed. She was no longer her bubbly self but something like a shell of the girl you knew who was hardly living happily. And all you can do is wonder what changed her.
    • This story is in 2nd POV and goes back and forth between past and present tense to differentiate between events that happened and events that are happening.

The fanfiction is:

  • Missing, a Pokémon fanfic
    • After coming home to Johto from Sinnoh, Zoey Tsai returns to find that her youngest sister has gone missing on her Pokémon journey. Teaming back up with her original journey buddies, Zoey must relive her own journey to find her sister. But will the pain of losing a beloved Pokémon cause her to run away again?
    • This story’s world is focused more on the world of Pokémon Crystal, Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver, so basically that’s Johto and Kanto. But other regions are mentioned and Pokémon from all regions are included.
  • Snake in my Shoe, a Dramione fanfic
    • Draco couldn’t understand how she managed to get into everyone’s good graces within the week. Not even seven days since she’s taken refuge in Grimmauld Place, Death Eater Junior Hermione Granger had gotten the whole Order of the Phoenix wrapped around her pureblood fingers! Well, she wasn’t getting to him! PUREBLOOD!HERMIONE/MUGGLEBORN!DRACO AU